Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Monday, March 16, 2009

Introducing...The Nest

It took me long enough but I've produced three of these since Christmas. I call it the Nest because, well, it looks like one (please, if you have any other name suggestions, I would love to hear them). I wanted to use a traditional material (yarn) in a different way, while maintaining a simple look and feel (a la Muji). So, I stuck to natural tones of 100% wool yarn (sounds itchy, but it isn't) and opposing structural elements (a knitted band vs. loosely wrapped yarn) to create an interesting textural look (I hope).

What do you think? Should I try selling them on Etsy?

(Robert, you'll be happy to know that I am still and always will be a Scollar loyalist.)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Young Entrepreneurs

While walking in Hayes Valley today, Craig and I happened upon a young artist duo selling their artwork outside of their parent's store. Intava (10) and Allen (8) are true entrepreneurs and running into them today has reminded me that sometimes, you really don't need much to set up shop. Sometimes, you just need a good partner and a common passion.

Intava and Allen have been painting since September and their chosen medium is acrylic on plywood. They sell their pieces for $5 (small) and $10 (large) and paint in their storefront window/studio in between making sales. Upon purchasing one of their pieces, they'll offer to sign and include the date and their ages. Through this small venture, they're learning how to deal with customers, the value of money, and least of all, making money doing what you love to do.

Their signage is simple but sweet. Intava's favorite piece is the one with the swan family.

Look at all the art that they have produced in only 7 months of weekend work!

The artists, Intava (left) and Allen (right), posing with our newly purchased paintings.

The young entrepreneurs/artists in their storefront studio.

Craig opted for "Race Car 2009" while I went for an abstract that caught my eye.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bling, Baby, Bling

My good friend Elyse co-curated a show at CCA's Playspace Gallery the other night that was a great commentary on the economy today and our relationship with our money.

Among the highlights include: a "Pity Party" section where you could make your case for money on the side of a jar (some of my favorites included "Cash for Kittens," "Unemployed Clowns Fund," and a picture of a bear), and a crocheted gold thread doily that included instructions based on the value of gold per day ("gold down 3 points today, decrease stitching by 2 rows").

A Sign of the Times

While other businesses are shuttering their doors and permanently affixing sales signs to their windows, there is one business in town where things are looking up.

My community thrift store on 17th and Valencia underwent a recent renovation (a high-spirited repainting of their facade, a new an improved roof sans leaks, etc.). On a usual day, I would be one of a handful (but colorful) assortment of patrons bobbing our heads to 50's Chinese pop music while we sifted through the hit-or-miss offering, but yesterday I walked in to find a line of people and even a new rack of clothes labeled "designer." So I guess, economy down, thrift store up!

Rituals of Comfort

Observing personal rituals is pretty fascinating and since my first entry on the car with 2 clubs, I've noticed so many more! (Note that my definition of ritual in this regard is an act based on belief that results in an emotional output but that is not based on fact. A personal ritual in this context may not have any true benefit at all.)

Before I worked in the restaurant industry (and read Kitchen Confidential), I used to wipe off my utensils before every meal. Then I saw that there are so many other things to worry about that I set aside that particular ritual for a whole set of new ones (not ordering meat well-done, not ordering fish with too much sauce...).

Notice the wedge of napkin deliberately placed beneath the only portion of the utensil set in contact with the table. How big of a difference this actually makes is debatable but the comfort this ritual brings is undeniable.

Monday, March 9, 2009