Sunday, March 15, 2009

Young Entrepreneurs

While walking in Hayes Valley today, Craig and I happened upon a young artist duo selling their artwork outside of their parent's store. Intava (10) and Allen (8) are true entrepreneurs and running into them today has reminded me that sometimes, you really don't need much to set up shop. Sometimes, you just need a good partner and a common passion.

Intava and Allen have been painting since September and their chosen medium is acrylic on plywood. They sell their pieces for $5 (small) and $10 (large) and paint in their storefront window/studio in between making sales. Upon purchasing one of their pieces, they'll offer to sign and include the date and their ages. Through this small venture, they're learning how to deal with customers, the value of money, and least of all, making money doing what you love to do.

Their signage is simple but sweet. Intava's favorite piece is the one with the swan family.

Look at all the art that they have produced in only 7 months of weekend work!

The artists, Intava (left) and Allen (right), posing with our newly purchased paintings.

The young entrepreneurs/artists in their storefront studio.

Craig opted for "Race Car 2009" while I went for an abstract that caught my eye.


karen hannie said...

omg! we just went there and we parked our car in front of this store :D and i saw the artists too and was amazed !!!

Audrey! said...

What a coincidence! Next time you have to stop and talk to them ;)

Kent said...

Hi, Audrey

I've linked your post to my blog as a good way to give Intava some more credit for her paintings that I purchased. They inspired me to write a story about my late wife from her cat's point of view: "Something Seven Saw"

The original painting of the cat looked much better, but my wife's cat is black and I 'doctored' Intava's on the PC to make it a black cat. When I go back I'll see if she has a black-cat painting and I'll replace the one I used.

Aren't these amazing paintings!?!

Audrey! said...

Yes, I love them! They have such a wide variety and it's amazing to see their imaginations come to life in this way!