Sunday, February 3, 2008

Toys of Yore

We went to the Mint Toy Museum in Singapore today. It's a 5 floor modern building that houses a collection of the owner, Mr. Chang Yang Fa, who has been collecting toys since grade school. The museum itself is a walk down memory lane and beyond, housing a wide range of collectibles from ray guns to a first edition Snow White poster. It's magical seeing these toys in such pristine condition and the entire museum from layout to graphics is put together very style.

Floor to ceiling glass cases stuffed with toys
Astro Boy and his sister! It's one of the only collectibles left of Astro Boys' sister.
I couldn't get enough of the old school graphics. They're great and put the blister packs of today to shame.
We were lucky enough to catch these otherwise dim displays with their lights on (for another tour group that we leeched onto).On the left: two robots from different parts of the world (one from Germany, the other from Japan) discover that they are long lost twins.
On the right: An original Peter Rabbit from 1906! He even has his little red slippers.
Popeye. Look at all that character achieved with a needle, thread, and some ink.
A welcome sign anywhere.
I love the Beatles comb for big heads! hahaha!
Standing at attention, these wind up robots represent only a small fraction of the entire collection.
Ray guns! No need for batteries, charging, or reading a manual. There's something very enticing about that and sadly, very foreign to most of todays kids.

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