Sunday, February 3, 2008

Luxury Brands + Social Responsibility?

This report, published by the WWF-UK on the role of luxury brands and social responsibility is an interesting look into how slow-moving this high-end market has been to catch up with the sustainability movement. There's a downloadable version of the report on the Deeper Luxury website that includes rankings of the various brands included in the study but also an argument for why this market segment should change its ways not merely because it would be the right thing to do (no one would listen to that) but because it would mean better business for them.

An element of this report which I think is great is the one concerning the role of celebrities in enforcing social responsibility. It's a point which I don't think has been stressed enough in our media/paparazzi/Britney crazed world. Celebrities are in a position to shift views and force change, so why aren't they doing it more often? Why are they still clad in diamonds, fur, and driving SUVs? Why do we (the public) let them get away with it? They could greatly benefit and implement positive change if they tried.

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