Monday, February 4, 2008

Frolick Yogurt is F*ing Good

Craig and I were walking through Holland Village heading to dinner and one-by-one people kept walking by me digging ferociously into these little white cups. As we rounded the corner, I spotted it -- a white wall speckled with colored dots and right in the middle was a man with a smile from ear to ear saying softly "would you like a free sample of yogurt?". Hell yeah I would! And before we knew it we had run through traffic and were holding our very own free samples of Frolick Yogurt. (Side note: just the other day I was talking about how I kind of craved a pink berry for some it made Frolick all the more tasty!)

The cheeky phrases plastered on buttons embedded in the exterior wall and over the tabletops only add to the charm of the place. Yogurt with likey.

There it is...

Simple graphics, use of color...nice. The little dots are button tops with funny little phrases (highlights are below).

Meet Ken and James! They were super nice and their smiles say it all...opening day was going great!

Look at this cute biz-card from Frolick with a built in scoop. It's made of paper though so don't try using it...still, a good concept and sweet detail.

Good thing the tables are too tall for the kiddies to read.

Hahaha...Frolick wages war on ice cream!

Here are some of the button tops which I liked the most but there are plenty more on the wall worth noting so stop by if you're in the area.

Like I said, Frolick is f*ing good. "Kiwi...the fruit, stupid!" hahahah...

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