Friday, February 1, 2008

Sustainable Diningware

The other night, some of us went out for dinner at Sammy's Curry on Dempsey Road in Singapore. The food was good, the atmosphere that of a military mess hall, and the prices to high. ($5 prawns are a bit too much guys!)

You'll notice that there isn't any styrofoam or disposable stuff in this joint...everything is washable or bio-degradable (completely, not that "it takes a decade" kind). And (as is the case throughout Singapore) you have to bring your own napkins if you tend to make a mess because in this place, you'll only get one. So use it wisely, hungry one.

The way it works is that you walk in, they lay a piece of banana leaf in front of you (it's thick and durable) and then before you know it you're being bombarded with food containers being waved in your face and someone asking "do you want this?" while they are already spooning it onto your leaf. It's quite a feast but just be careful because the food and the bill racks up pretty quickly and before you know it, your tummy will be stuffed but your wallet won't be.

Look at that nice clean table setting.
Where did all that food come from?! Oh well, too late to turn back now...
Shovel, shovel, vision is getting blurry and I think my pant button just popped.
While I utilize the spoon-shovel technique...others opt for a faster mode of intake ;)

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