Friday, August 1, 2008

Symphony of Fog, Smoke, and Fireworks

Ok, I forgot to post these earlier but this past 4th of July was my first in San Francisco. I had been warned that the fog is usually an active participant in the fireworks show but went anyway and dragged 4 friends and Craig along.

Shoom! Pop! The show starts and we see the first glow of the night. I thought it was quite beautiful -- fire wrapped in a veil of fog...there was something so romantic about it. This continued but quickly the smoke from the show mixed with the fog and the smoke from another show we were downwind from and then romance turned into... we would hear the launch, see the bright tails of the fireworks shoot into the cloud and then POP!...but there was not Ahhhh moment, only a brief glow and a fizzle. It had it's charm but the real kicker was that the 5th was a beautiful, clear day. Go figure.

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