Friday, August 8, 2008

Ingenuity With a Dash of Crazy

Two curious scenes from my recent walk through the international terminal at SFO.

First, the ingenuity that I promised in the title. An orange caution cone inverted and used to funnel a leak in the ceiling into some water buckets below.

Here's a close up.

So, I left the cone to do its funneling and I'm minding my own business when I find myself face to face with a bit of crazy packaged in a blond Asian woman. It was an ad for "Supreme Master Television" (apparently available on Galaxy 25 at 97 degrees W). Can someone explain this to me? Is there a galactic cable channel that I'm missing out on?! Um, and, why is she talking on a cell phone?

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Cathy said...

Audrey! I was going to write you an email about Singapore and then thought to look on your blog, only to find out that you've moved to SFO! I'm going to send you an email with Wendy and Andrea's contact info :-) you gotta hook up with them! Anna's there, too. Remember our crazy Pasadena days? Wow, so long ago, lah. I miss you and hope that you're well, my friend.