Wednesday, January 23, 2008

So Singapore!

Here are some images from our outing today in Singapore. Life abroad is fascinating because everyday you uncover such interesting tid-bits which I like think of as the colored-sprinkles of life ;)

Talk about good ad placement...Sony Ericsson utilizes the overlooked real estate of this handle bar on the Singapore MRT to advertise their latest product line-up.
Who says you can't have it all? Coffee and a massage?! This little coffee shop in the Cathay Mall mixes relaxation with caffeination. Perhaps a sub-culture really is brewing.

Browhaus is a chain that is all over Singapore. They handle everything from eyebrow extensions to eyelash dying but I just love their identity...everything from their name to their graphics is great (and hilarious).This is the ultimate. Spotted by Jason, this is a small injection molded took-kit! It's about the size of a 3x5 index card and includes tweezers, a screw driver with multiple heads and a wrench. I think it's genius in it's manufacturing and am reluctant to break it out of it's pristine state and put it to use. Though, I am curious how the plastic tools will hold up against metal parts.

A detailed view of the different driver heads

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wakako takagi said...

you know...I am absolutely jealous.