Friday, January 25, 2008

Noodle Time = Yummy-Kapow!

So, we've started a ritual in Singapore. Every Friday one of us picks a new restaurant and we all meet there and have a huge dinner together. The first Friday, I took everyone out for Chili Crab and Black Pepper Crab, last Friday we went to Soba So Good courtesy of Jonathan and this Friday Ruth took us to Lan Zhou La Mien in Chinatown. They still make every noodle the old fashioned pulling and twisting a block of noodle into individual noodle strands. And this delicious dinner led to the coining of a new phrase -- "Yummy-kapow!"

I've had this style of noodle before but it's becoming increasingly harder to find as the craft is being passed up by younger generations. So, when you find a place that still makes their noodles this way you should pull up a chair and order up a bowl -- you won't regret it.
The noodles start off as one clump...
then the noodle master slaps them against the floured cutting board and pulls the clump into a long strip...
he continues to fold the strip over so that doubles, then again so that it quadruples and so on and so on until he has over 25 strands of individual noodles. Then he drops them directly into a pot of boiling water making for some of the freshest noodles you'll find!
"Get in my belly, noodles!"
Mmm. Zha-Jiang Mien! approximately 45 seconds later.


Nathan said...

That's an awesome idea! Agh! Awesome. Looks like you guys are having a great time.

Audrey! said...

yeah, we have a couple of foodies on this trip so it's making for a wonderful experience...take 2!