Friday, January 25, 2008

Bring On the Year of the Rat!

Stepping off the MRT at the Chinatown stop and heading into it's crowded streets is pretty amazing a couple of weeks before the Lunar New Year. People are busy buying decorations, sweets, treats, toys, and new clothes all in preparation for the big day and it feels good to get lost in the chaos.
Distractions abound in the alleys of Chinatown with people shouting price breaks over mini-microphones attached to their waists and wafts of fragrant smells blowing by you from a nearby snack vendor. It definitely beats the elevator music of your everyday big box store.
Pomelo or Shaddock are the largest of the citrus fruits. These were larger than my melon and I have a HUGE melon!
People eating their Friday night family dinners crowded the streets.
Decorations run the gamut from glittery fireworks to Mickey Mouse banners.
Oh kitschy goodness!
I don't know why, but I'm pretty sure every household needs one of these.
The Buddhist temple in Chinatown was decked out with red lanterns surrounding it in a beautiful warm glow.
My favorite part...the loot! Lots and lots of candy from Chinatown somehow ended up in my purse! Go figure.

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