Thursday, April 3, 2008

Entrepreneurship + Push Carts = Youthepreneurship?

Ok, the name needs a little help, but this is a pretty great collaboration between the National Library of Singapore and Republic Polytechnic here in Singapore. I happened upon it as I stumbled out of the library with Craig the other night and noticed a bunch of pushcarts in the middle of the library plaza. I checked out the URL when I got home and found out that it's a program that teaches students the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and outfits them with some basic business management skills. Before you know it, they have the chance to rent a pushcart for only 20$ a day. (Actually, that's kind of pricey if all you happen to be selling are 50 cent hair pins or something...hmm.) Anyhoo, the aspect of the pushcarts is fun. I wish that Paseo would do something useful with theirs for a change. Perhaps there needs to be a little collab between Art Center and Paseo? nudge nudge (not sure who I'm nudging here, but I'm nudging all the same).


wakako takagi said...

Cool idea... trying to figure out what kind of cart kids can rent... Like vendor's cart??

Audrey! said...

yeah! there are a bunch at Paseo and only a few are ever taken full-time.