Sunday, March 9, 2008

Casulo...For the Nomad in You

Here's a piece of furniture that makes you question just how much does one person really need? Besides, if your friends are anything like my friends then you know that people move...a lot and as they criss-cross their way through the world, sad Ikea throwaways lie in their wake. So, all you discarded furniture thrown together with allen wrenches and rotting away in landfills, this is for you!

From the designers: The CASULO is for people on the move, those in job training, students, and people who have to change their location frequently. The unit is ideal for people in the service industries. People who must move frequently and rent empty rooms need no longer accumulate sets of inexpensive furnishings whose transportation costs are higher than the value of the furniture.

So recap...what exactly DO you get in this box?

1 wardrobe
1 large desk/table
1 desk cabinet with locking drawers
1 revolving, height-adjustable desk chair
2 stools
1 single (twin) bed
1 mattress
1 tall set of shelves.

For more info: Casulo Mobile Living


wakako takagi said...

this is like watching a magic... seriously.

Audrey! said...

I know! I want one ;)