Thursday, January 31, 2008


So, there is this great thing in Singapore...drinks in a bag! In this case, and my usual drink of choice, coffee-in-a-bag. It's versatile, uses less materials than the traditional cup and look(!) you can hang it from a bike or scooter handle. I've also seen taxi drivers hang it from their turn signal lever. It's clever and convenient (except if you want to put it down on a flat surface, of course).


wakako takagi said...

I heard about this!! Really interesting packaging, isn't it? for Drink??? Very mobile food!

Audrey! said...

Yeah! It's great because you can carry a lot of them at once (I think Nathan holds the record with 5 coffee-in-a-bags at once) and when you're done the amount of waste that you have created is only a fraction of a cup or bottle (though I'm waiting for the day when they solve the waste thing completely).