Thursday, November 1, 2007


Something I've been thinking about is how we all consume so much but most of the time we end up hoarding them without actually using them. If, however, we could all channel our kindergarten teachers who always told us "be nice and share," then we would be able to make use of our resources. So, with that in mind and the fact that my basement looks like that (to the left)! I made the goal of one of my independent studies this term to develop a service that helps people share their resources. The main challenges are: 1) how to make it as hands-free as possible, 2) how to start a movement using design.

So, to try and figure out some of that stuff, I'm organizing an event at Art Center called TrunkSale where students, alumni, staff, and faculty can all load their scrap materials into the trunks of their cars and swap, share, or sell to each other for 2 hours. Anything that they can't get rid of and don't want to take home is going to be donated to a local organization called Design High. My hope is that it will be a huge success (though Art Center is not known for it's community activism) and that this concept can be dropped into any college setting.

I'm working on developing an online site for people to list their stuff but for now I've been mooching off of Facebook's Group and Event listings.

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